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About (software) projects I'm doing in my spare time.

Project ideas

10 May 2018

I have some ideas for projects I’d like to do. And share how or what I did to finish the project


  • Heron deterrent

    To prevent herons from eating all the fish in our garden pond, I’ve bought a cheap, solar-powered heron scare device. It does not seem to do anything. Time for some upgrades.

  • Leg detector

    In the winter it can get quite chilly in my home office. To counter this, I have installed a infrared heater under my desk. But I have to turn it off manually, when I leave the office. That is something which should be easy to automate, with some hardware.


  • Revise websites

    Over the years I accumulated a list of domain names but I am not using them all. Time for a cleanup maybe?

  • No more VPS

    Every month I get a bill for the Virtual Private Server (VPS) I am renting. Lets see if we can lower that bill, or not get a bill at all.


  • Kotlin

    Apparently Kotlin can be used to create Android applications, which is something that is missing for Scala. Lets get some experience with Kotlin first, before dabbling with Android apps.

  • Serverless

    Installing and maintaining servers has never been much fun for me. Make sure I never have to do that again and go ‘serverless’.

  • React

    The last front end work I did was with Angular v1. Upgrade time.