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About (software) projects I'm doing in my spare time.

FeedR development update

I’ve been quite busy building this ‘FeedR’ application. Most of the work done so far is the stuff most people will never see, like fetching the actual contents of RSS feeds and implementing API’s so mobile clients can connect to the application. While it is nowhere from being complete, the background stuff is on hold for the moment, so I can concentrate on building the frontend.

Finally I get to see if all the work I’ve done so far can be made into something usefull.

Concept Still needs a lot of work, but its fun to do, so who cares, right?

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FeedR started

I decide to start writing my own RSS reader.

Just because I can.
Or at least it is something I should be able to do.

Ever since the announcement of the pending shutdown of Google Reader, I’ve been looking for an alternative. While hosted solutions like Newsblur & Feedly are sufficient for most users, I choose not to use them. Simply because it would introduce another dependency on the services of another company/individual. One day, the service will no longer be available.

Thats why I have chosen to host my own RSS reader, on a server which I maintain. I started using TinyTinyRSS and it is working just fine. It also has a decent Android client, to replace Newsrob. To bad it doesn’t have an offline mode.

Why build my own?

Two reasons.

First, I would like to use a RSS reader based on a...

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